Collegial crisis

I am a very tolerant person and I usually do find common topics with anybody. For me doesn’t matter nationalities, religions or genders, as long as they don’t limit my personal rights and tolerate me as well as my opinions. Anyway I had been recently placed in new situation. How to deal with colleague who is pure derivation of characteristics, which I just cannot bear? How to deal, coexist and cooperate with someone who is making you angry only by his presence?

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Communication is the Key

source: Diligence Inc.

I’ve been studying managerial communication during my University studies, but it took me almost four years until I really got to understand, how important it is. I even wrote bachelor thesis regarding this topic and main idea had been that communication integrates all managerial functions and therefore it is superordinate to them, but I had to wait for four years until I experienced it. Continue reading