First day goose bumps

I am working for my new employer for over a month now. It has been busy time, lots of learning, lots of creative chaos. I bet everyone who experienced it by himself can imagine. This is also the best time to take a look back. It still gives me goose bumps, when I think about my first day in this work. There is something about the “firsts” every single time – no matter if you’re going for your first date, first public presentation or your new work! So how this “first” played out? Take a look. Continue reading

Change is what is life about

There we go… After exactly 4 years it’s time to move on. This month is the last month in my current job. People say that the change is a good thing and I have to agree. Truth is that in the recent past, I felt like I’ve lost lot’s of my motivation. I also felt like I’m rotting right where I am. I felt like there is nothing more to learn. No more challenges to overcome and very fever support for any kind of improvement. Don’t get me wrong. I loved what I was doing. Organization of the biggest trade fair for electrical industry in the Czech Republic is a huge thing. I am grateful for opportunity I got here at the AMPER trade fair. I also would like to think, that I’ve proved myself and did good job. Anyways, if I wanted to boost my work appetite, I knew something got to change. All these things forced me to look elsewhere and I was very lucky in doing so. Continue reading

The most important person in the office

Have you ever questioned yourself who is the most important person in the office? Do you consider yourself the most important person? Is it your colleague who got your back, or your boss leading your office’s operation, or even his boss setting the long term goals and evaluating your progress towards them? Have you ever heard saying “The most important person in the house is the gatekeeper.”? Do you agree with that? Let’s see what I think about this idea… Continue reading

Hasty vs Indecisive

I guess that everyone knows that situation where it takes quite some time to decide what to do, and then, when you finally make a decision the opportunity is gone. On the other side, sometimes being hasty is not the best thing either. Sometimes rushing into things may cause more troubles than benefits. So where is this fine line, where is this golden mean..?
Continue reading

I am one AMPER older (photo gallery from the show included)

Lately I felt like my year is not ended by the New Year’s Eve, but by the end of our AMPER trade fair. This biggest event for the electricians and fans of electrical engineering in the Czech and Slovak Republic ended yesterday, therefore I might say that I am yet again one year older.
It is suitable to look back and evaluate last 365 days of my existence, but it will need few days off to do that. Right now what I want to do is publishing some highlight of the project I was preparing for the whole passed year. Let’s take a look at the AMPER 2017. Continue reading