Practice makes masters – Public speaking skills, AMPER Trade Fair #2

As the trade fair manager, I have to do great deal of promotion activities in order to present our trade fair to the public. With public presentations it’s the same like with almost everything you study at school. School gives you an idea what is it like, but reality is always different and you are never prepared as you would like to. I know about myself, that I am pretty good speaker, with pretty good presentation skills and decent body language, but still I was really nervous before my first public presentation. Continue reading

The D-Day, Foto Expo #2 + gallery

I’ve got to be honest here. Every time I participate in organization of such an event as festival or trade fair, it reminds me why I always wanted to do this job. I was feeling so much alive, feeling that I am actually creating something, that I am creating great experience to everyone who came to our event. Let me guide you through my regular event day. This one was really long, because we didn’t have possibility to prepare everything before the event. Please, bring yourself a nice cup of tea and be patient with me. Continue reading