Tough business decisions, AMPER Trade Fair 2015 #6


Dear everyone reading,

today it is about tough decisions. Some decisions could influence not only upcoming event, they could influence every single event which is about to come in the future. One decision could change overview of your event and destroy years of work and even good brand name. These kinds of decision are even tougher when it is about lose – lose situation. Sometimes you just cannot win. Continue reading

Barter agreements – our daily bread and butter, AMPER Trade Fair #5


Hi everyone,

today I would like to mention our daily bread and butter, grease on our wheels, sunshine of our days and moonlight of our nights. I would like to mention a barter agreements.

At the first place, what does barter mean. Well, basically it’s exchange of something for something. It could be goods, for goods, services for services. Best thing about it, you don’t need any money. (for detail info please visit Wikipedia)  We are using this type of agreement quite often. Usually 95% of our medial and professional cooperation are based on the principles of a barter agreement. Continue reading

Puzzle called Floor Plans, AMPER Trade Fair #4

Good evening from my time zone everyone.

It’s 11:15 p.m. and I have few minutes, to write down my weekly update from the trade fair organizing, until my first ever American pie is baked. At the end of the last week I started to work on the floor plan. Floor plan is one of the fundaments of every trade fair. Exhibitors are all hipped about the best possible positioning, visitors are guided by it during the event and for us managers it’s one big puzzle. Continue reading

Pricing policy, AMPER Trade Fair #3

written by František Hamrozi

Everything is about money. I mean not everything, but when you are making living out of something, it is usually about money. My job is no exception, even though I am doing event management which I consider as highly satisfying because of other reasons that making money. I have a business plan to meat and I am responsible for highest possible revenue from the event. That means not only for my company, but also for the companies participating in our event. Continue reading