Tricky decisions, AMPER Trade Fair #9


From time to time managers have to supervise projects from departments they don’t belong to. This is always tricky situation, at the first place because people assigned to the project are not usually under direct control of a manager and secondly, because projects are usually focused on something else that is manager’s expertise. Example of such a situation could be when PR manager is supervising creation of a web site or when business manager is looking after a major change of content management system (CMS). Continue reading

Teambuilding organization – event management in the small, AMPER Trade Fair #8

This weekly update is going to be little bit shorter and not that serious like other updates I posted. I had pleasant obligation of organizing teambuilding for our trade fair team this week. When you are organizing anything, you just have to invest some time and affords. Doesn’t matter that it was only for our small team of 7 people and only for one day, still it took about one week to prepare everything. It is still event management no matter the size. Continue reading

Accompanying program, AMPER Trade Fair 2015 #7

Amp. Motion

We are about to finish final schedule of accompanying program for our event. It is something what is taking lots of our time recently, but it’s very important event entry on our list. Trade fair are having tough times and they are not able to attract enough visitors just by themselves. That is reason why we are preparing rich accompanying program, which contains seminars, training courses, B2B meetings, special events and such a things. Today I would like to present one special accompanying program which is under my command. Continue reading