What’s wrong with all the chaos

cursed organization (hope not)

It has been quite some time since I posted a thing. It is basically the same posting crisis like the last year, this time just a bit bigger. Partly it was due to the tonloads of work, total chaos experienced at our office, and partly due to some changes in my personal life (I moved to my very own apartment, made some construction adaptations ect.). Anyway this should be about my work, so seriously… What is wrong with this edition of the AMPER Trade Fair?

The Vibes!

I think that it might be some kind of voodoo or negative vibes from the universe, everything connected to this edition of the AMPER. Maybe it is due to the 25th anniversary we are “celebrating”. It is something magical about quarter century of existence. It could be also some supernatural power letting us know, that nothing is for free. Or how about hand of some vicious God, slapping us into our very own faces, knocking us down on our knees, so we won’t feel like masters of the world.
Anyhow, this time preparation of the AMPER is one big mess and chaos.

chaos on my desk

There has to be my office desk somewhere…

It Ain’t That Bad…

Before you worry too much, let me tell you one very good thing about it. Our Trade Fair is also almost ready to start. In less than week, the biggest Czechoslovak Trade Fair for electricians shall begin, and we are pretty much finished with all the preparations. Even though we spent countless hours in the office, drunk gallons of coffee, ate tons of chocolate, and even though what could go wrong went horrible, the assembly period is about to start without bigger complications tomorrow.

badge and vehicle permission

There is my vehicle permission to the site and my organizer badge.

I will travel to the exhibition site this weekend and settle myself there as well. I’m also about to post something right from the trade fair, so stay tuned. I am so hyped up and looking forward to it!

Well, see you at the AMPER in Brno, cheerio Frank

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