Hasty vs Indecisive

I guess that everyone knows that situation where it takes quite some time to decide what to do, and then, when you finally make a decision the opportunity is gone. On the other side, sometimes being hasty is not the best thing either. Sometimes rushing into things may cause more troubles than benefits. So where is this fine line, where is this golden mean..?
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Collegial crisis


I am a very tolerant person and I usually do find common topics with anybody. For me doesn’t matter nationalities, religions or genders, as long as they don’t limit my personal rights and tolerate me as well as my opinions. Anyway I had been recently placed in new situation. How to deal with colleague who is pure derivation of characteristics, which I just cannot bear? How to deal, coexist and cooperate with someone who is making you angry only by his presence?

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Tricky decisions, AMPER Trade Fair #9


From time to time managers have to supervise projects from departments they don’t belong to. This is always tricky situation, at the first place because people assigned to the project are not usually under direct control of a manager and secondly, because projects are usually focused on something else that is manager’s expertise. Example of such a situation could be when PR manager is supervising creation of a web site or when business manager is looking after a major change of content management system (CMS). Continue reading

Tough business decisions, AMPER Trade Fair 2015 #6


Dear everyone reading,

today it is about tough decisions. Some decisions could influence not only upcoming event, they could influence every single event which is about to come in the future. One decision could change overview of your event and destroy years of work and even good brand name. These kinds of decision are even tougher when it is about lose – lose situation. Sometimes you just cannot win. Continue reading