Hasty vs Indecisive

I guess that everyone knows that situation where it takes quite some time to decide what to do, and then, when you finally make a decision the opportunity is gone. On the other side, sometimes being hasty is not the best thing either. Sometimes rushing into things may cause more troubles than benefits. So where is this fine line, where is this golden mean..?
We had been in just the quite same situation. Our goal was to publish the final report from our event together with the participation form for the upcoming edition. Firstly, let’s take a look at how it could work in optimal world.
You get all the analytics, infographics, details and photos from the past event. Send them into the graphical studio for the processing. Than just control it, approve it and let it go. With the application form it is even easier, just update the dates, and you are ready to go. Bottom line – work for 14 days.
Sounds simple, but here is how it actually works.
You have some idea how the final report could look like. Then there is a graphic designer, who might have little bit different idea. Finally there is your boss who is about to have totally different idea. This said means one week delay just because of the graphical design of the document and I am not even speaking about the content. If there are various opinions about the content of the final report, than we are talking about another week delay at least.
As this would not be enough, there is still new participation form incoming. The boss got the feeling. The old one needs some kind of facelift, it is too old, too same. Result… We spent another week preparing various graphical designs and at the end the only change was just in making simple text bold. (There was even the question if we would like to change subtitle of our event – by adding one more word. Luckily the following discussion lasted only two days, and decision was to leave the subtitle as it is.)

These things, these changes, which were in my opinion unnecessary, are display of indecisiveness. When the head decision makers are scattered into marginal details and do not focus on the whole picture. All the documentation and letters of thanks to the exhibitors were sent 6 weeks after the event.  This is almost too late and it looks unprofessional – at least in my opinion.
These are the things that makes me sad and leaves bitter taste after the otherwise successful event.

Well I guess that even the bad experience is still the experience. Right now I am focusing on making my own things right, and I am looking forward to where it goes.

Cheers, Frank

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