Catching up the time, AMPER Trade Fair #1

Dear readers,

as  I already mentioned, I would like to publish here weekly updates of organizing process of the AMPER Trade Fair. Fact is that this process started already in April and it’s suitable to get you in to the picture. Because of that please take a look at the short description of the things that we had already done.

April – June 2014

Final Report for AMPER 2014

Final Report from AMPER 2014

Right after the end of the last AMPER 2014 trade fair, we had to prepare final reports and press releases. Each manager is responsible for his exhibitors and accompanying programs. In my case it was final reports for nomenclatures of Electro thermal technologies, Optical technologies, Electrical components and Production facilities and components for electrical industry (sum of 136 exhibitors). In addition to this I was responsible for two accompanying programs which are called AMPER Motion and Fórum OPTONIKA. Final report serves as monitoring tool as well as marketing tool for upcoming event. Press releases are dedicated to our medial partners and they are published on their web sites and printed in their magazines and newspapers.

During this period we are also preparing application forms, discussing changes in pricing and in nomenclature ordering. We are also doing surveys among exhibitors in order to find impulses for constant improvement of our trade fair.

Before the summer starts we have also our first acquisition period. Our pricing politics offers beneficial price for exhibitors registered before the end of June. Acquisition is almost from 95% focused on known exhibitors, who already participated at our trade fair.

 July – September 2014

Application form for AMPER 2015

Application form for AMPER 2015

Summer is not suitable for another acquisition at all. Decision makers sail on the sea with their respectful wives or beautiful mistresses. Common workers pack their luggage and relocate to the crowded beaches in Turkey or Croatia. This is best time for renewal of medial and professional partnerships. We are contacting all our old media partners and discussing conditions of contracts for upcoming trade fair. We are preparing accompanying program with our professional partners and also preparing catalogue of marketing services for our exhibitors. Besides that we are looking for new partners and possibilities. Summer is ideal time for brain storming about new projects and strategies, later on there is no time for such a work. Inspiration could be found in magazines, newspapers, on the internet, on the trade fairs and festivals of other organizers, or just in the everyday life.

 October – December 2014

Flyer of AMPER 2015

This is our main acquisition period. During this time we are looking for new exhibitors, meeting them and persuading them to participate in our trade fair. By this time also our marketing campaign starts. We are preparing graphical layout of our advertising campaign and writing promotional articles. Our marketing campaign is focused on the internet pages of our medial and professional partners and on their printed media such as magazines and news papers.

Well, and that is basically it. We don’t want to get ahead of us, do we? I think that we caught up adequately and I am looking forward to publish here another follow up next week.

Best regards, Frank Hamrozi.

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