Barter agreements – our daily bread and butter, AMPER Trade Fair #5


Hi everyone,

today I would like to mention our daily bread and butter, grease on our wheels, sunshine of our days and moonlight of our nights. I would like to mention a barter agreements.

At the first place, what does barter mean. Well, basically it’s exchange of something for something. It could be goods, for goods, services for services. Best thing about it, you don’t need any money. (for detail info please visit Wikipedia)  We are using this type of agreement quite often. Usually 95% of our medial and professional cooperation are based on the principles of a barter agreement.

Barter agreements are useful for both sides, what we want to get is win-win situation. Our basic format for medial barter cooperation is to exchange mutual web propagation. Placement of our banner on the front page of a partner and in exchange for that partner receives status of the medial partner and he is mentioned at our web page, plus in an official materials (such as press releases,  final report, etc.). If partner offer something more than banner on the front page of his web, we offer him more services. Advertisement in partner’s printed magazine could be worth even exhibition stand and booth construction. Most important thing you have to keep always on your mind is value. What are they offering to us and what we are offering in exchange. Is it comparable? Does it have same value? Are things they are offering useful to us? Those question got to be considered before signing the agreement.

My most favourite barter agreements of this year are with the hotels near the exhibition center in Brno. I had been preparing them and I’m proud to say, that in exchange for their propagation, we are getting accommodation for our all exhibition team for the whole duration of the trade fair.

Well, barter agreements could be really useful. We are getting good use of them for our medial campaign and even for the accommodation during the trade fair. In both cases it saves us lots of money, which we are able to use elsewhere.

That’s all from me for this week. If you’ve spent time reading my weekly update, thank you very much! See you around next week.

Sincerely your’s František (Frank) Hamrozi

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