Puzzle called Floor Plans, AMPER Trade Fair #4

Good evening from my time zone everyone.

It’s 11:15 p.m. and I have few minutes, to write down my weekly update from the trade fair organizing, until my first ever American pie is baked. At the end of the last week I started to work on the floor plan. Floor plan is one of the fundaments of every trade fair. Exhibitors are all hipped about the best possible positioning, visitors are guided by it during the event and for us managers it’s one big puzzle.

Every exhibitor has some preferences about position. This one wants corner location, another one wants to be on the main corridor and this one wants to be close to this company, but that company doesn’t want to be in the same hall like another company, everyone has different dimensions of the booths and the worst is when two companies want to be at the same place.

Our goal is to raise some kind of order from it. We divide exhibitors to the exhibiting halls. This is done accordingly to the field of business they pursue. Then we try to satisfy the biggest exhibitors, their two or three sides open allocations, their island allocation and also main hallway positioning. Than smaller companies comes to the play. In many occasions we have to persuade exhibitors to accept different allocation that they would like to have. Many times it’s about compromises. Always it’s about changes, sometimes you have to do changes even few weeks before the event. When big client comes, you just can’t say no. This process accompanies us from the start of the November till the start of the March, when floor plans go to press.

Once again thank you for reading and see you next week.

With best regards,

Frantisek Hamrozi

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