Teambuilding organization – event management in the small, AMPER Trade Fair #8

This weekly update is going to be little bit shorter and not that serious like other updates I posted. I had pleasant obligation of organizing teambuilding for our trade fair team this week. When you are organizing anything, you just have to invest some time and affords. Doesn’t matter that it was only for our small team of 7 people and only for one day, still it took about one week to prepare everything. It is still event management no matter the size.

At the first place to be clear on this. It really took me one week of preparations, but I’ve been fulfilling my daily responsibilities as well. Now to the teambuilding… It is going to be in Brno, which is city in South Moravian part of the Czech Republic. In the same city our trade fair happens. We are doing most of our organizational work from Prague, but from time to time, it’s good to visit the venue before the trade fair starts. Meet with the owners of the trade fair center and discus details of our cooperation. These are the main reasons why we choose to do our teambuilding in Brno and not in Prague. As soon as we agreed on the date, I’ve booked a hotel and started work on the teambuilding program. It is obvious that we had to arrange our activities around the meeting with our business partners. My boss gave me assignment to arrange a tour around public places with conference  rooms for rent. He is thinking about private parties for the most valuable clients of our trade fair. So I looked up interesting places, called managers and made list of 5 places. It might look like small number, but we have our time scheduled minute after minute.

We have to travel to Brno from Prague, we are meeting at 10 a.m. First stop in a Technicial Museum Brno, 12:15 pm. Fast lunch after that and we are heading to the business meeting with our partners, 2:30 p.m. Next stop, conference room in an old brewery, 3:15 p.m. We have only twenty minutes far that and we have to move to the old castle of Brno which is called Spilberk, 3:45 p.m. Right after that, another stop is new interesting music club, hotel and restaurant SONO, 4:45 p.m. Than we have to check in to a hotel and we are going to have dinner with our private meeting and discussion, 6 p.m. We would like to discuss further details of our marketing campaign for the trade fair. And after the dinner we are going in to the old city center to take a look around few bars.

It’s going to be an exhausting day, but I am really looking forward to it. Event management is a fun and when you are preparing the event for yourself, it is valid double so!

See you next week, Frank Hamrozi.

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