Accompanying program, AMPER Trade Fair 2015 #7

Amp. Motion

We are about to finish final schedule of accompanying program for our event. It is something what is taking lots of our time recently, but it’s very important event entry on our list. Trade fair are having tough times and they are not able to attract enough visitors just by themselves. That is reason why we are preparing rich accompanying program, which contains seminars, training courses, B2B meetings, special events and such a things. Today I would like to present one special accompanying program which is under my command.

AMPER Motion

AMPER Motion is accompanying program of AMPER Trade Fair, specially focused on dynamically developing field of electromobility. This exhibition of electric cars and modern e-mobility devices is very well perceived by visitors, and it will be held during the AMPER Trade Fair for the 4th time. Our trade fair team is cooperating with various professional and medial partners, in order to provide the newest trends, presentation of university’s projects and prototypes from the enthusiast’s workshops.

Main goal of this accompanying trade fair program is to increase informational awareness about electromobility in the Czech and Slovak republic and by this means contribute to the increase of its usage. We are well aware of electrical engine’s advantages, and because of that we do believe in their propagation. For this purpose there will be organized special competition for the best electric car of the year 2015. Its name is “Elektromobil Roku 2015” and all competing cars are going to be evaluated by several strict criterions.

I am pretty sure, that this accompanying event will help us with increasing audience numbers on our event.

Thanks for reading and see ya, Frank.

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