AMPER 2016 just got real! Brno, Czech Rep. 15.-18.3.2016

AMPER just got real

Hello everybody, long time no see!

Guys, accept my apology for a short inactivity that happened on this blog. Truth is that preparations for the AMPER Trade Fair are just too much around this time every year. No sleep and no time (strength) to add new posts either. Anyway, we just past the point where the Trade Fair is becoming alive. All year long we are preparing just virtual “something” and yesterday this something just got real. The assembly period for the AMPER Trade Fair has started.

I am leaving our beautiful capital city Prague this Sunday and I am going to Brno for one week. Hyped up as never and looking forward to the adventures that we are going to face this year. As a small compensation for you guys, I will give you daily updates from the Trade Fair. Small revives of each day with photos and stuff, so tune up for this one.

As a preview take a look at the pictures from the first day of the assembly period. Exhibition halls are slowly filling up. I can’t wait to see the difference between these pictures and pictures from the event itself, when everything is ready.

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We are going to have wonderful times, share it with us on our web page or visit our Facebook: VeletrhAMPER.

See you soon & cheers, Frank