Change is what is life about

There we go… After exactly 4 years it’s time to move on. This month is the last month in my current job. People say that the change is a good thing and I have to agree. Truth is that in the recent past, I felt like I’ve lost lot’s of my motivation. I also felt like I’m rotting right where I am. I felt like there is nothing more to learn. No more challenges to overcome and very fever support for any kind of improvement. Don’t get me wrong. I loved what I was doing. Organization of the biggest trade fair for electrical industry in the Czech Republic is a huge thing. I am grateful for opportunity I got here at the AMPER trade fair. I also would like to think, that I’ve proved myself and did good job. Anyways, if I wanted to boost my work appetite, I knew something got to change. All these things forced me to look elsewhere and I was very lucky in doing so. Continue reading

The ongoing legacy

The Legacy prewpic.

Everyone wants to be part of something, belong somewhere, and be known in the community. (I am not talking about “special” guys with social problems. I’ll be talking about a normal people.) It is one of the basic needs of mankind, well documented by many scientists and I guess all of us remember our childhood and childish gangs we’ve been parts of. When we are born, this need is fulfiled by the smallest group possible, the family. During our growing up years it is the bunch of children in a sports team, or drug gangs (depends on how lucky you are) and this forms you along with other things till you are mature. Then we would like to contribute to something bigger than we are, something meaningful, and something that will last even after we’ll turn to dust and ashes. Continue reading

The last day, #AMPER

Dismantling hall F

All I want is just thank you for your visits and views of my posts. Trade Fair is finished; it has been busy and crazy one. I’ve enjoyed it and I certainly hope that you did as well a little by posts I added. After today there will be few days to take a rest and then the circle will start all over. We will prepare another edition of the AMPER – for this time it will by jubilee 25th exhibition.

Hope to see you there. Have a good one, tschuss Frank!

TESLA Experience, #AMPER

Header for Tesla Experience

Elone Musk is crazy genius! I was thinking about today’s news for all day long until I experienced the Tesla. I had that pleasure to drive it and test its limits for a bit. Afterward there was no hesitation at all because I just fell in love with that car. I DO LOVE TESLA! Even though I am not that much into cars in general, this car is something special. Acceleration is just insane, driving characteristics matches every single racing car you can imagine and the Tesla I tried out got autopilot! Continue reading

It has began – government officials, reporters and thousands of visitors, #AMPER

Siemens at the AMPER 16

There we go, it has started. You can hear the overall omnipresent business buzz. You can feel that energy from the exhibitors, visitors, reporters, it is sparkling like bubbles in the water, it is spurting from the walls and I am like big sponge Frank – absorbing everything, enjoying every bit of that energy and feeding on its power. Yesterday I had that pleasure to make two very complex and special tours around the trade fair. Firstly with deputy chairman of the Czech Senate and secondly with the reporters from the Czech Television. This time not only pictures are the outcome. From the shooting with reporters emerged nice video about the trade fair and guess who is speaking there. Correct, it’s your old buddy Frank, who has his 10 seconds of fame and glory (total length of my speech was around 2 minutes, but they cut it off a bit). Continue reading