I am one AMPER older (photo gallery from the show included)

Lately I felt like my year is not ended by the New Year’s Eve, but by the end of our AMPER trade fair. This biggest event for the electricians and fans of electrical engineering in the Czech and Slovak Republic ended yesterday, therefore I might say that I am yet again one year older.
It is suitable to look back and evaluate last 365 days of my existence, but it will need few days off to do that. Right now what I want to do is publishing some highlight of the project I was preparing for the whole passed year. Let’s take a look at the AMPER 2017.

Exhibitors numbers are slightly higher than the lasts year and exhibition space as well. Interesting is fact, that approximate size of the exhibition stand is increased by 2 sq.m. in comparison to the last year. So economically is this edition success.
Visitors numbers are copying last edition of the AMPER Trade Fair. Right now I would say that this is little bit disappointing. Especially considering amount of funds and affords invested. Extended cooperation with medial partners and all the publicity in the media. Well it seems that you can’t have everything.
Accompanying program was tricky this year. One my very important professional partner, organizer of my biggest lecture block focused on optics and electro optics, got some health issues. Without his help I had to call whole program off. I certainly hope that he’s getting better and we will be able to cooperate in future again and we’ll be reestablishing this series of lectures next year.
On the other side, what is making me happy is accompanying program dedicated to Start Ups. My decision to decrease number of participants seems right to me. Starting companies and their projects got attention they deserved. Visitors weren’t overwhelm by the amount of presented ideas and took enough time to stop by, get little chat and discover what are the Start Ups offering.
I really think that their participation at the AMPER will help their business a lot. This opinion is confirmed anyway, because one Start Up attendee from the last year, participated this time as a regular exhibitor. I also got some messages that this year participants will consider regular participation at the trade fair next year as well.

My personal feeling over this edition of the trade fair is just great. I got a tons of positive feedback regarding my work. Feedback regarding the trade fair was somehow positive as well. There was nothing surprising nor problematic and today I am going to leave my office at the exhibition venue and travel back to Prague. Back to my home and back to the future. Let’s see what is next.

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