First day goose bumps

I am working for my new employer for over a month now. It has been busy time, lots of learning, lots of creative chaos. I bet everyone who experienced it by himself can imagine. This is also the best time to take a look back. It still gives me goose bumps, when I think about my first day in this work. There is something about the “firsts” every single time – no matter if you’re going for your first date, first public presentation or your new work! So how this “first” played out? Take a look.

It was first of September 2017 – for lots of children first day of their school and by strange coincidence also my fist day in new work. I woke up hour and half before the alarm. Useful opportunity for an early bathroom visit, but still too early for anything else. I tried to felt a sleep again, but thoughts about new colleagues and responsibilities creeps into my mind. Finally, I close my eyes and almost instantly the alarm is ringing. I put It on hold, thinking “pretty please – just 10 more minutes…”.
Damn, I’m late! Hurry up, get your clothes, pack your bag. Why the hell I did not prepare it yesterday, and where are some decently looking socks? Am I on time? Yes, I still can make it. I almost calmed down, when my cell phone started ringing. It was my dad. I’ve been calling him yesterday, wanted to chat, and he did not answer. Never mind, he has to wait now…

My bus station is not far away, so I see the bus leaving the platform. No need to run, they got 10 minutes interval, I got plenty time to call my father back. When I finally got onto the bus, I do feel exactly like the pupil going to the school for the first time. I’m listening to the chit chat, which is still familiar to me. It is not that many years ago, when I was making it by myself. Bus is slowly cruising through the morning traffic jam, which is successfully destroying my time reserves.
Situation is not critical until the moment, when the bus driver is not opening the door at the request stop. Middle aged, well fed guy with open beer can in one hand and bag of closed beer cans in other starts screaming. “Open that blasted door!”, bus driver tears at the breaks and yells back “It is on request you moron!” Oh yes, we are having lovely morning this morning! Beer guy rushes forward to the bus driver and screams “Do you wanna fight, do you wanna fight?”, bus driver doesn’t leave him without immediate response “You wanna fight, you wanna fight.” Discussion did not continue for much longer, both actors probably used their complete vocabulary, so the bus driver opened the door and my journey continued.

Not for much longer though, I arrived to my destination. Walk to the office took me little bit longer than it should, because I messed my directions, so I came to the office with 10 minutes delay. Not a good start, but I was about to find out that it doesn’t even matter. Welcome I received from only colleague in the office was warm and short: “This is your table, this is your computer, and I have to go.” On the first school day everyone took one day off, so they can accompany their children to the school. During the morning my boss came over to say me hello and introduce me into the things just for a little bit, but she took the day off as well. Confused and surprised, I went home early that day, thinking that it might be for a long time the only opportunity to do so, and I was.

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