Change is what is life about

There we go… After exactly 4 years it’s time to move on. This month is the last month in my current job. People say that the change is a good thing and I have to agree. Truth is that in the recent past, I felt like I’ve lost lot’s of my motivation. I also felt like I’m rotting right where I am. I felt like there is nothing more to learn. No more challenges to overcome and very fever support for any kind of improvement. Don’t get me wrong. I loved what I was doing. Organization of the biggest trade fair for electrical industry in the Czech Republic is a huge thing. I am grateful for opportunity I got here at the AMPER trade fair. I also would like to think, that I’ve proved myself and did good job. Anyways, if I wanted to boost my work appetite, I knew something got to change. All these things forced me to look elsewhere and I was very lucky in doing so.

It had to be a good karma, that certain agency operating in the trade fair industry was looking for someone skilled and experienced to expand their operation team. It had been matter of few meetings and we found a common ground. Thanks to that, I am very grateful to grab this new opportunity and stick to what I know and what I love to do – the trade fair industry. The only difference is, that instead of organizing whole trade fair, I will handle exhibitor’s trade fair attendance on key. Most interesting part of my new work is possibility to visit trade fairs all over the Europe. The traveling is something I am very much looking forward to.

Well, one chapter of my life ends and new one begins. Wish mi luck guys and keep it up for new updates. I am pretty sure, that new job will provide me with plenty of new experiences to write about!

See you soon!

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