How to sabotage your own event


It is really wonderful how the life could be surprising. I’ve spent three years at our lovelly company and there is always something new to blow me up. This thing never stops me wondering: the most stunning, devastating and endlessly irritating attribute of a human species is the stupidity. Based on this statement, I have to admit something. I don’t know how it’s possible, that our company is still operating.
In the past days I’ve witnessed couple questionable decisions from our top management. I’ve posted already one story inspired by such a problematic issue and yet again there is another one (see also Another human story post from the last month). This time the situation is even more ridiculous. Continue reading

The D-Day, Foto Expo #2 + gallery

I’ve got to be honest here. Every time I participate in organization of such an event as festival or trade fair, it reminds me why I always wanted to do this job. I was feeling so much alive, feeling that I am actually creating something, that I am creating great experience to everyone who came to our event. Let me guide you through my regular event day. This one was really long, because we didn’t have possibility to prepare everything before the event. Please, bring yourself a nice cup of tea and be patient with me. Continue reading