Yet another human story


When you work with people, you obviously get to know them, spend your time with them and basically live big part of your life together. It’s only natural that there are some stories happening and specially employment stories are usually experienced somehow collectively. Today I wanna bring up one rather sad story, recently experienced at our place. Well, everything start with nothing else but a woman.

On the newly created position for our trade fair team had been hired very nice and pleasant woman. I had been told, that person on this position should be responsible for marketing activities of the relevant trade fairs – including writing of PR texts, social media stuff, cooperation with medial partners etc. I would expect, that job interview would be custom made for such a specification. Well, I was very surprised when my new colleague asked for slight advice, during writing her first PR text. On the question “Have you ever wrote a PR text before?” I got negative answer. By that time I realized, that our job interviews might have little bit different criteria that I would expect.
In upcoming days, workload of this new colleague shifted. Marketing activities had been ceased and she had happened to be responsible for couple production issues. Unfortunately these activities would not be enough for a part-time worker and definitely weren’t enough for full time engagement. There were just not enough things she could do. After few weeks had been clear, that this situation couldn’t last much longer and she was walked off from the company.

The saddest thing is, that nothing of this were her mistake. She joined our company in good will and believe, that her employer would ensure enough work for her. Not only, that there had been made some mistake in her application process, when she was hired on the position which she wasn’t able to do (or she wasn’t allowed to – not sure which one of this is correct). But as soon as there was obvious, that there is not enough work for her, she was just fired.
Now she has to reassess her plans for the future and try to find job somewhere else. From my point of view it’s just sad and unfair story and I’m feeling very sorry for her. Hope I could have done something more and I certainly hope, that next time our CEO and head trade fair manager would make up their minds sooner than they ruin another person’s working life.

Wish her all the best luck, Frank.

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