Underestimated art of the relaxation

We are living active lives, someone more and other less. But still it is truly hectic age we are living in. It’s full of stress, cynicism and other civilization diseases. This article is connected little bit with the theory of X and Y generation (if you want take a look on Wiki here-X and here-Y). According to my age, I should be typical member of the Y gen population, but I would consider myself somewhere else, outside of the charts. (Note: We always want to think that we are something special.) Anyway what is important difference in between X and Y gen, is quality of life they want to live. Old X gen mantra of “live to work” is not valid anymore, because Y gen “works to live”.

I am saying that our life should be standing on two main pillars. It is like with your legs, if you want to walk and run properly, your legs have to have same length, have to have same strength etc. In order to live successful, harmonious and satisfying life, your work and free time have to be similar. Of course that I am not telling you that after 40 hours in work you should get 40 hours rest. No, that is usually not even possible. What I want to point out is the way how you should spend your free time, because it’s not about quantity, but about quality.

First thing which helps me a lot with quality of my life is fact that I am doing job that I love. I can’t imagine that I would spend hundreds and thousands hours doing something that would bore me. But even though I’m pretty lucky about my job, I still have to get rest from time to time, and here is where free time comes in play. First, divide your free time into thirds. Then take you first two thirds and do something totally different, than you are doing at work. Are you an office rat? Go out, do sports, travel a bit. Are you a sports man? Buy chips, rent newest Bond movie and close yourself at home. Just let your mind relax by doing something totally different than usually. Give yourself opportunity to experience something new, something that would enrich your life. Give yourself something what would motivate you in future. Some nice memories will get handy. (Probably first day you come back to work already.) When you’re done with this, you’ve secured yourself some brain food. Now, do not forget last third of your free time. This is your time to settle down, to get to the normal rhythm. If you’ve been active, get your rest and get yourself ready for work. If you’ve been hidden in your cave, go jogging and meet some friends for lunch. Socialize a bit. With this strategy, you should ensure energy for both your mind and body. Make you free time intensive and your memories qualitatively strong and you will ensure harmony between your working and free time. Believe me, I’m doing it for last two years and I am happier than ever!

Thanks for reading guys. This time it had been little bit more about my free time. Next time I’m coming back to the business. See you next week.

BR, Frank

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