The most important person in the office

Have you ever questioned yourself who is the most important person in the office? Do you consider yourself the most important person? Is it your colleague who got your back, or your boss leading your office’s operation, or even his boss setting the long term goals and evaluating your progress towards them? Have you ever heard saying “The most important person in the house is the gatekeeper.”? Do you agree with that? Let’s see what I think about this idea… Continue reading

Yet another human story


When you work with people, you obviously get to know them, spend your time with them and basically live big part of your life together. It’s only natural that there are some stories happening and specially employment stories are usually experienced somehow collectively. Today I wanna bring up one rather sad story, recently experienced at our place. Well, everything start with nothing else but a woman. Continue reading

Underestimated art of the relaxation

We are living active lives, someone more and other less. But still it is truly hectic age we are living in. It’s full of stress, cynicism and other civilization diseases. This article is connected little bit with the theory of X and Y generation (if you want take a look on Wiki here-X and here-Y). According to my age, I should be typical member of the Y gen population, but I would consider myself somewhere else, outside of the charts. (Note: We always want to think that we are something special.) Anyway what is important difference in between X and Y gen, is quality of life they want to live. Old X gen mantra of “live to work” is not valid anymore, because Y gen “works to live”. Continue reading