Big Fish

You know that feeling when you are obsessed about something and you just can’t get rid of it until you got it? If you are a fisherman, you would probably know what I am talking about. You do what you love to do, prepare your baits, pack your fishing rods, get up early before sun comes up and settle yourself down to the water. You start fishing, you catch one fish there, and second one later, but it is not you Big Fish. Sure you are doing it for the activity itself, not for the price. ‘The journey is more important than the destination’ as the euphoria from reaching your destination doesn’t last long. But that Big Fish is always on your mind. What if I’ll catch that Fish this time?

Catching a Big one is very personal matter. Big one is not just another fish. It is a very special fish. It is not just a normal catch, it is your opponent. You are mastering each other, trying to get upper hand (or fin) and very special relationship is formed. After few clashes suddenly you became more like partners. Like friends matching their best skills and teaching each other something new. Teaching each other how to win and how to lose, how to be humble, dedicated and at last but not least how to forgive. Because when you actually catch your very Big one, you don’t want to hurt. You want to enjoy your minute of triumph and let it go. So you can meet again like old friends.

When I started doing my job as Trade Fair manager in 2013, I also met my Big Fish. It was exhibitor attending annually for last ten years or so. During our first meeting I’ve been flushed, but got dumped down right away. It had been one of mine biggest exhibitors and I’ve been informed, that they are quitting from attending future exhibitions. At the first place I hoped that I can change their mind before upcoming event in 2015, but my hopes had become vain. It took another year until I got possibility to approach them again. And it had been last two years of experiences which taught me how to be humble but reasonable, how to be polite but strict, and how to create win-win agreements. Few loses I took in past two years had empowered me enough to achieve yet another win. Finally I’ve caught my Big Fish and I am looking forward to meet old partners again. One of mine biggest exhibitors is coming back to take his part in the AMPER 2016 Trade Fair.

Lesson I took right here was, that hard work pays off. Sometimes not right away, but usually soon enough. This catch took me lots of efforts and two years, but in the end it is totally worth in every single aspect. I’ve got my victory dance and I’m looking forward to another challenges.

Well, I’ll be back in probably two weeks time with post from my vacation.

Thanks for reading folks and see you soon, Frank.

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