The only real problem, #AMPER last assembly day

surprising Austria

The last day of the assembly period at the trade fair… If you did not experience it you cannot understand what it means. Imagine every possible problem you can, multiply by two, raise it to the power of two and add at least 2 things you cannot even think of and there you go, that is your last assembly day.
For the trade fair manager it in fact means: hundreds of calls, thousands of dialogues, millions of steps walked around and basically being everywhere and knowing everything . Now, do not take me wrong, because I do love this! I do love my job and all the problem solving. I am like fish in the sea (FYI: I do feel like a shark here.) And really, I do think that every problem that occurs today is not really a problem. No problem, but one… There was really one and only problem during the last assembly day. That is… well, a bit embarasing… that I didn’t even have time to get to the toilet. I really don’t want to bother you with naturalistic description of the true nature of my problem, I guess you can imagine. Just every time I almost got to the throne, to that shiny white Holy Grail of ceramic vanity, my telephone rang again. Damn, that was ONLY REAL problem.

So hail the Grail and see you all tomorrow, when the real fun begins – tomorrow is the first day of the AMPER 2016.

Hey, and check out some more photos… Regs, Frank

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