It has began – government officials, reporters and thousands of visitors, #AMPER

Siemens at the AMPER 16

There we go, it has started. You can hear the overall omnipresent business buzz. You can feel that energy from the exhibitors, visitors, reporters, it is sparkling like bubbles in the water, it is spurting from the walls and I am like big sponge Frank – absorbing everything, enjoying every bit of that energy and feeding on its power. Yesterday I had that pleasure to make two very complex and special tours around the trade fair. Firstly with deputy chairman of the Czech Senate and secondly with the reporters from the Czech Television. This time not only pictures are the outcome. From the shooting with reporters emerged nice video about the trade fair and guess who is speaking there. Correct, it’s your old buddy Frank, who has his 10 seconds of fame and glory (total length of my speech was around 2 minutes, but they cut it off a bit).

Take a look at the video if you want (sorry, it’s available only in Czech) and I am attaching some new pictures as well.
Enjoy them and I shall be in touch with you again tomorrow. FYI: guys, you should really be here!!

Love and kisses your new “TV star”, Frank

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