TESLA Experience, #AMPER

Header for Tesla Experience

Elone Musk is crazy genius! I was thinking about today’s news for all day long until I experienced the Tesla. I had that pleasure to drive it and test its limits for a bit. Afterward there was no hesitation at all because I just fell in love with that car. I DO LOVE TESLA! Even though I am not that much into cars in general, this car is something special. Acceleration is just insane, driving characteristics matches every single racing car you can imagine and the Tesla I tried out got autopilot!

All I wanted was trying out the acceleration and the speed of the car, so I took an entrance ramp into highway and… we ended up in 11 km traffic jam. Paradoxically this escalated into the best relaxation of all trade fair 2016. I just switched the autopilot on and spend all 11 kilometers on my phone, chatting with the friends and enjoying all the “standards” of the Tesla such as internet connection, 17” display, roof window, remote access to the car through the mobile (mobile honking pretty damn awesome!!) and everything else. This is what I call HANDSFREE – that is some next level Mr. Musk!
When we got from the traffic jam and took the way back to the trade fair venue, I also tested speed acceleration and some other things – guys this is REAL! I certainly hope that recharging stations will be more frequent in the Czech Republic and also that price for this car will be lowered by the time. As Tesla’s promoter said: “Electric cars are not the future, they are already present.” and Tesla God damn is.

Take a look at the documentation from the car, I am not kidding…

BR, Frank