CEO power

I am not sure whether I already mentioned how I really admire Start Up projects. Especially one which made it somewhere, overcame early struggles, believed and succeeded. This year I had the possibility to get know few of these. On behalf of our event organizational team, I had the responsibility for accompanying exhibition called AMPER Start Up, during which eight Start Up companies presented their products and services. It has been real pleasure and inspiration. I was really glad, that this showcase of pure bravery and brilliance attracted not only lots of visitors, but also Czech TV reporters and even Czech government representatives (for more info about showcased Start Ups visit this page). Anyway I didn’t want to speak about that. I would like to mention one already settled company, the one Start Up which made it. They are called Pixelfield and they are on fire! Do you want to know how did they make it?

It is quite some time since they’ve been the start up. Right now they got headquarters in the Prague city centre and truly very nice one as well. Their references are pretty astonishing, made web pages and smart applications for few really interesting companies and institutions (such as Vienna insurance group, Veollia, Czech ministry for regional development and others). I do not know how their journey was from the start, but here is my impression about how did they get where they are now.

We’ve been inquiring for quite some time update of our web page, asking for some clever solution of our catalogue of exhibitors and other stuff. That’s how we get to them (or maybe they got to us – not sure about that). It has been clear from the begining that we are not going to invest that big budget as fot an example the Czech ministry could. Still they treated us as we would be their main customer. Due to the date of our trade fair, we couldn’t manage any kind of cooperation before it, but we agreed on another meeting in May.
First really nice thing was that they really came back to me right at the start of May. We agreed on the meeting where I found out, that I am meeting CEO himself. Last and possibly most positive surprise was professional level of the meeting. I do like when we are not wasting too much time. After short chit-chat, we came right into the “meritum” of the thing. I explained what we need, he had few additional questions. We agreed on future follow up to this meeting and I was out in about one hour, coffee included.
Guys and that is how they made it! Personal approach, professional attitude and smart thinking. That is that CEO power I am talking about. Since I experienced this meeting I know, who really created such a well working corporate culture and made up this Start Up from the scratch. No need to stress out more, how well impressed I am.

So all the dreamers and starting up entrepreneurs out there. Work hard, be smart and professional. If you struggle just keep on trying and results will show up. Hope this gave you at least a bit of encouragement. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Best regards, Frank