CEO power

I am not sure whether I already mentioned how I really admire Start Up projects. Especially one which made it somewhere, overcame early struggles, believed and succeeded. This year I had the possibility to get know few of these. On behalf of our event organizational team, I had the responsibility for accompanying exhibition called AMPER Start Up, during which eight Start Up companies presented their products and services. It has been real pleasure and inspiration. I was really glad, that this showcase of pure bravery and brilliance attracted not only lots of visitors, but also Czech TV reporters and even Czech government representatives (for more info about showcased Start Ups visit this page). Anyway I didn’t want to speak about that. I would like to mention one already settled company, the one Start Up which made it. They are called Pixelfield and they are on fire! Do you want to know how did they make it? Continue reading

Big Fish

You know that feeling when you are obsessed about something and you just can’t get rid of it until you got it? If you are a fisherman, you would probably know what I am talking about. You do what you love to do, prepare your baits, pack your fishing rods, get up early before sun comes up and settle yourself down to the water. You start fishing, you catch one fish there, and second one later, but it is not you Big Fish. Sure you are doing it for the activity itself, not for the price. ‘The journey is more important than the destination’ as the euphoria from reaching your destination doesn’t last long. But that Big Fish is always on your mind. What if I’ll catch that Fish this time?

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