The ongoing legacy

The Legacy prewpic.

Everyone wants to be part of something, belong somewhere, and be known in the community. (I am not talking about “special” guys with social problems. I’ll be talking about a normal people.) It is one of the basic needs of mankind, well documented by many scientists and I guess all of us remember our childhood and childish gangs we’ve been parts of. When we are born, this need is fulfiled by the smallest group possible, the family. During our growing up years it is the bunch of children in a sports team, or drug gangs (depends on how lucky you are) and this forms you along with other things till you are mature. Then we would like to contribute to something bigger than we are, something meaningful, and something that will last even after we’ll turn to dust and ashes.

When I was at the university, we’ve studied Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, so generally I should know about need of belonging and esteem. But sometimes you just need to get reminded about what you already know. Sometimes you got to lost something very precious to remind yourself about what you had. Sometimes you got lucky and it is reminded to you while you have it. That is what luckily happens to me.
This week my boss came into the office with the true relic. Historically first ever catalogue of the AMPER Trade Fair, for the first time organized in 1993. It was such a thin brochure, few companies inside, few advertisements, it looked like it was written on the typewriter, and it had that patina and smell of the old book forgotten somewhere on the loft. Suddenly I realized, that I am here, planning its 25th consequent edition. The event that is almost as old as I am. This is what I call the legacy, the tradition. This is my piece of eternity – even thou 25 years are far to short to be consider as eternity, but still this is my part of belonging to something bigger than I am. Metaphorically of course, if you know what I mean.

Well, I certainly hope that we will be able to celebrate this legacy in the big way. Ongoing process of preparation had already started. So if you are into the future technologies, electronics and electrotechnics, mark into your diaries date 21st – 24th March 2017 when the 25th AMPER Trade Fair is about to happen.

I’ll be there, waiting to show you around, Frank.