Family or corporate business?

Summer vacation got me thinking about the differences between family and corporate businesses. It has to be fresh air and lack of real work, what got me wasting my time with little bit of philosophical thoughts. What is the bright point of this thing, at least I got something new to write about after long time of inactivity. 

Well I’ve been working for my current employer for three years now. When I came to the company back in the 2013, the company had been employing about three dozens of employees. After the three years due to the few reorganisations and due to the decreasing number of organised trade fairs, we are now on one dozen of employees. Accordingly to this trend, the interpersonal relationships has shifted as well. From something what I would like to call “corporate professionalism”  to the more casual family like relationships. But here is the point. How could you call company “family business” when employer is not related to any employee, nor employees to each other?
Fact is, that owner and CEO of the company is behaving very casually to all of the employees. Another fact is, that employees know each other very well and their relationships are friendly as much as in the family could be. Every single circumstance leads to the idea of family like business.
On the other hand, I still have on mind, that any mistake and delay within employees working responsibilities will be pointed out, discussed and if necessary even penalised. That is the factor, which might not be included in family business and that whole idea of family like business tears up to the pieces. But what are we, if we are too small for a corporation and yet to professional for the family business?
My guess is, that we are like a sport’s team. This is the analogy I like the most. As a any sport’s team we are all heading to the same goal. Each one of us playing ours role and our owner/CEO is like our coach. Motivating us, discussing mistakes in our play if needed and marking out our future strategy.

So there it is, my bit of the vacation philosophical thought. Enjoy the rest of the summer and next time I’ll be back with some news directly from my team.

All the best, Frank

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