The only real problem, #AMPER last assembly day

surprising Austria

The last day of the assembly period at the trade fair… If you did not experience it you cannot understand what it means. Imagine every possible problem you can, multiply by two, raise it to the power of two and add at least 2 things you cannot even think of and there you go, that is your last assembly day.
For the trade fair manager it in fact means: hundreds of calls, thousands of dialogues, millions of steps walked around and basically being everywhere and knowing everything . Now, do not take me wrong, because I do love this! I do love my job and all the problem solving. I am like fish in the sea (FYI: I do feel like a shark here.) And really, I do think that every problem that occurs today is not really a problem. No problem, but one… Continue reading

Highway D1 to Brno, #AMPER

Today I moved from Prague to Brno Exhibition Centre for one week. Experienced kind of pleasurable journey over the highway D1, which is currently under general reconstruction. (God bless Sunday traffic.) Only bummer was car’s crazy electric system which was informing me about driving with handbrake on, even though it was off. (Almost broke the lever of handbrake.) At the end everything went good. I’ve prepared business office in my exhibition hall, took a look around, prepared information system, met young woman which will be doing exhibitor’s support at the office and well…. just had nice a quiet day. Tomorrow is last day of assembly period, so I expect it much different.

FYI, take a look at the inside pictures  from today’s magical journey. See ya tomorrow, Frank

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AMPER 2016 just got real! Brno, Czech Rep. 15.-18.3.2016

AMPER just got real

Hello everybody, long time no see!

Guys, accept my apology for a short inactivity that happened on this blog. Truth is that preparations for the AMPER Trade Fair are just too much around this time every year. No sleep and no time (strength) to add new posts either. Anyway, we just past the point where the Trade Fair is becoming alive. All year long we are preparing just virtual “something” and yesterday this something just got real. The assembly period for the AMPER Trade Fair has started.
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Does size matter?

This question is our evergreen; no matter you are men or women. It is not only about that private parts of our body, but it shows everywhere. It started with dusk of human’s existence, when our ancestors compared size of their clubs, and it shifted to our daily routine. Every time you buy a new car, you are comparing it to the neighbor’s one. Every time you visit your friend’s new flat, you are comparing it to your flat. It is just coded in to our minds, no matter what. Either you are proud and feeling super good, or you are saying to yourself that comforting sentence: “What is small, is cute.” Same thing happens with trade fairs. Continue reading

How hard is it to make things simple?

Mankind is an outrageous species. We are inventive, innovative and we are able to manage things. Somehow we are also good in making things complicated. It seems that as we are better and better in solving all kinds of problems, we are also making new one which are more and more complicated. Let’s mention industrial automation, public transportation systems (people from Prague know Open Card), bureaucracy (people anywhere know queues…) and last but not least important questions such as: “Who is god?”, “Who am I?” and “What am I gonna cook tonight?”. Continue reading