Something beautiful ends, something beautiful begins

Dear readers,

Title of today’s post is paraphrase from famous Czech poem from J. Seifert. It also expresses more than enough current development of my Great Project.  Before going on, please do accept my apology for long radio silence. It has been caused by quite hectic period of time, which took last half year of my life.

As I already mentioned in my previous posts. I had been full time preparing AMPER Trade Fair 2015, which is the biggest trade fair in field of electronics and electrotechnics in the Central Europe. At the same time I had been finishing my master’s degree on Czech University of Life Science Prague. These two activities took nearly all my time and I didn’t have any spare time left. Trade Fair, diploma thesis, exams, final reports, documentation for the upcoming event in 2016, and other exams. Simply I couldn’t catch a break.

After one year of nonstop action, everything is done. Trade Fair 2015 had been successful and more importantly I had been able to finish my studies. Even though I was thinking many times about quitting my studies, and even thought it took lots of affords to motivate myself, finally I can say that it was worth all every single sleepless night.

By acquiring title of engineer of economics, I’ve finished my master’s degree and at the same time my main goal almost 8 years old. Feelings of joy are accompanied by unexpected feeling of empty space somewhere in the middle of my chest. Suddenly with great accomplishment I kind a lost motivation and only thing what is left is exhaust and emptiness. What to do right now is question overwhelming my entire mind. It seems that my brain which is used to expend tremendous loads of energy in order to finish my studies is suddenly confused once the goal is accomplished.

Right now, when one of my main goals is done, I have to take a break and set another goal. Find motivation to continue and enhance accomplishment of my title by using in on my further steps. Refill that empty place and find something else, what will encourage my future steps. Until that happened, I’ll just enjoy a life for a while.

As always, thank you for reading everyone.

See you soon, Frank

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