The most important person in the office

Have you ever questioned yourself who is the most important person in the office? Do you consider yourself the most important person? Is it your colleague who got your back, or your boss leading your office’s operation, or even his boss setting the long term goals and evaluating your progress towards them? Have you ever heard saying “The most important person in the house is the gatekeeper.”? Do you agree with that? Let’s see what I think about this idea…

The gatekeeper is definitely very important person. He guards entrance into your bureau, sees everyone and knows everyone. He is in the first line and he is probably thinking that the building couldn’t work without him. Anyway, regardless what he thinks, there is someone else even more important. Any idea…? Yes, it is a cleaning lady! This is just a viciously important person, definitely the most important one in every office. The cleaning lady not only sees everyone and everything, knows you and all your colleagues. She even knows your family from the pictures at your desk. Most importantly, she knows what you are throwing away. You might be laughing, but thinks you throw away says a lot about who you are. The cleaning lady is the first person to know about your maternity from the pregnancy test she throw away. She is the first person to know about your drinking problem, from the whiskey bottle hidden under your desk. She is the first person to know about your infidelity from randomly overheard chat with your best friend. Most importantly, she is the person who talks with everyone. You really got to believe me, do not mess with your cleaning lady! Those people got knowledge, contacts and therefore real POWER comparable with superheroes! Hints: they also clean your desk and empty your waste bin, be nice to them!

Hope no cleaning lady, nor gatekeeper got offended by this short blog column. Enjoy your summer, cheers, Frank. 😊

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