The most important person in the office

Have you ever questioned yourself who is the most important person in the office? Do you consider yourself the most important person? Is it your colleague who got your back, or your boss leading your office’s operation, or even his boss setting the long term goals and evaluating your progress towards them? Have you ever heard saying “The most important person in the house is the gatekeeper.”? Do you agree with that? Let’s see what I think about this idea… Continue reading

Hasty vs Indecisive

I guess that everyone knows that situation where it takes quite some time to decide what to do, and then, when you finally make a decision the opportunity is gone. On the other side, sometimes being hasty is not the best thing either. Sometimes rushing into things may cause more troubles than benefits. So where is this fine line, where is this golden mean..?
Continue reading

I am one AMPER older (photo gallery from the show included)

Lately I felt like my year is not ended by the New Year’s Eve, but by the end of our AMPER trade fair. This biggest event for the electricians and fans of electrical engineering in the Czech and Slovak Republic ended yesterday, therefore I might say that I am yet again one year older.
It is suitable to look back and evaluate last 365 days of my existence, but it will need few days off to do that. Right now what I want to do is publishing some highlight of the project I was preparing for the whole passed year. Let’s take a look at the AMPER 2017. Continue reading

AMPER 2017 – dedicated to the people who made it happen

AMPER 2017 Trade Fair has begun. It had been quite busy day as usual, and as usual everything turned from bad to batter. Event launched with couple hiccups but it is set to the smooth, and still electrifying atmosphere. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you, to all people who work very hard to make AMPER great. To all the electricians, graphical designers, technicians, cleaning ladies, security guards, and even to the lovely old lady in the cloakroom. To all those people which I do not know by name, but yet they make their work properly and make actually AMPER happen. Continue reading

All bright and shiny

I love this moment before the Trade Fair starts. That moment of clarity in the exhibition hall, which comes with 9 p.m. the day before the D-day. Everything is bright and shiny, something covered up, somewhere some lasts minutes assemblies, but overall prepared. Exhibition hall is silent, you would hear a needle falling on the floor, last couple cleaning ladies in the corridors and you can feel inpatient expectation from the air. It is almost like the exhibition hall is living organisms with all the booths representing an organs and with corridors as a veins. Organism made to measure just for this one special purpose – to entertain, to represent, to make business. And tomorrow it will!

Come to see by yourself, would love to show you around!